Your brows... but better! I specialize in a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique, microblading. There is a multitude of verbiage you may hear when talking about microblading including microshading, powder brows, ombre brows etc. which are all different versions of this service. I am specifically trained in the traditional most natural technique, microblading. Microblading is performed by using a tiny hand tool (blade) that is inserted into the skin with pigment to create hyper realistic hairlike strokes within the eyebrows. Microblading can be used to help with symmetry issues, fullness, shape, and overall look of your brows. 

My job is not to exactly replace makeup but to replace the hairs that you are needing by using this technique. With microblading, you can expect your brows to look more "done", more full and more polished completely on their own. I want my clients to be able to wake up without any makeup on and have great brows, naturally. When you are ready to put on a full face of glam, you can always dress them up with a touch of makeup. Natural, conservative but effective. Trust me, you're gonna want this.

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Microblading takes two sessions to complete. The first session I tend to be very conservative and natural, allowing you to "walk" into your new brows. At the beginning of your appointment we will talk through your brow goals and have a look at what you are starting with. I use a mapping string technique to create your brow template/shape that we will be working inside of. A numbing cream will then be applied to your brows and that will sit for 20-30 minutes before we begin. For color, I choose a pigment shade based on the color of your natural brow hairs. The appointment time is typically 1.5 -2 hours from start to finish! You can expect your brows to be a bit dark, warm and bold immediately following the service but after a couple days they will fade as you go through the healing process. Your brows take 7-10 days to fully heal. 


After they are healed completely, you can go about your normal routine! In about 8 weeks you'll come back for your second session. Some refer to this appointment as a follow up or a perfecting appointment. Here is when we can have some fun! Typically, clients will want to go a little darker and thicker at this time after adjusting to their new brows. This is the same process and requires the same aftercare as the first session, were just adding in the finishing touches to the brows. Once you have healed from this you and your brows are besties for about the next year! On average, I like to see my clients back about once every 12-15 months depending on your lifestyle and personal preference.

Here are some important details to know and consider before booking your microblading appointment.


  • Must be off Acutane for 1 year
  • Cannot have Botox 2 weeks prior to the service or 2 weeks post
  • Cannot be on any blood thinners 24 hours prior to our appointment
  • No alcohol 24 hours prior to our appointment
  • Any brow tinting has to be done at least 1 week prior to the service or 3 weeks after
  • Cannot have sunburned skin going into the service and cannot have sun exposure while your brows are healing
  • Brow waxing cannot be done within 72 hours of the service and no less than 14 days following
  • Must not have any chemical peels, microdermabrasion or other intense skin treatments less than 2 weeks before the service
  • Your brows will take 7-10 days to fully heal. Please familiarize yourself with the necessary aftercare and keep that in mind when scheduling!

Here are some important details to know and consider before booking your microblading appointment.


  • Wash your hair the day of or the day before your microblading appointment in order to limit water and steam on your new brows!
  • Bring a pair of headphones to listen to your favorite podcast or playlist while we are in session. There is a light sound that some people find distracting.
  • If you love the way your brows look in a certain picture or when you do your makeup, feel free to show me that so I can see what you are hoping to achieve!
  • Trust the process.. the first couple days can be a little uncomfortable as you are adjusting to your new brows. Once they have gone through the healing process you will love them. Then, once the second session is completed, you'll wonder why you didn't do this sooner.

Short answer, no. This should not be a painful process.. sometimes a minor discomfort but nothing anyone hasn't been able to handle! You will be numbed topically so you may still feel a small amount of discomfort but I have never had a client complain of being in pain. Once we begin, a second numbing gel is used to numb your brows further causing the discomfort to subside even more. I have had clients take a little beauty rest while being microbladed and have had others describe the feeling as scratching sunburnt skin. Everyone is different but all in all, you'll be totally fine. 

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Natural Microblading Initial Session: $400
8-10 Week Follow Up: $100
Maintenance Refresh Session (Current clients only, must have visible shape present): $220

*If you are a new client but have previous microblading or permanent makeup from another artist please send me an email with pictures of your brows in natural light with no makeup to and we can chat!

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Apply a thin layer of either A+D, Aquaphor or Vaseline to your brows using a clean q-tip 2-3 times a day. This will help minimize flaking/scabbing which ultimately will help with pigment retention.

No excessive sweating for the length of your healing process.
The sweat will push your pigment out and the sodium in your sweat will dry out your brows effecting the healed results. No direct sun exposure or tanning beds. No rubbing, scrubbing or scratching them. No picking your brows. If you have any flaking, let it shed naturally. No makeup on your brows. This creates a risk of infection and can greatly alter your results if you get makeup on your brows while they are healing.

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Do not immerse your brows in water during the healing process. No swimming, washing your brows, etc. If you need to clean your brows (excess ointment) you can use a slightly damp cotton round and lightly blot your brows. No rubbing. In the shower, keep your brows out of the direct water.

Your brows will take 7-10 days to fully heal. During that time, please keep the following in mind:

Your brows will appear about 30% darker the first two days.
It is normal for brows to peel/scab, please don't pick any scabs.
Your brows may appear extremely light after shedding, this is
also normal. Your pigment will come back to the surface as your healing progresses. It is common for eyebrows to appear patchy or uneven in color, size, or shape when they are healing. Please be patient and trust the process. Any inconsistences can be revisited at your follow up appointment when we finalize your brows.

Please remember.. your follow up session is crucial in completing your brows. The follow up appointment will be $100 and about the same process. This session MUST be done within 8-10 weeks post first visit. If you wait longer than 10 weeks your follow up session will be a regular maintenance visit of $200.

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