Natural beauty.. plus a pop! Lash lifts are a great way to keep your beauty routine simple and effective by enhancing your own real lashes.

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Similar to a perm, a solution is used to lift and set your lashes into a curl shape that enhances your eyes and makes your lashes appear longer. Lash tinting colors the lashes making them appear darker & bolder. Tinting is optional or can be a separate service as well, but we love this pairing! Lash lift + tints can be a great, more natural alternative for lash extensions! If your lashes are very thin or short you may not have the best results.

What is a lash lift & tint?

We love all the low maintenance beauty hacks around here. Lash lifts last 8-10 weeks depending on your natural lash life cycle. A lift permanently curls your lashes but as you shed them, new lashes grow in. Once the majority of your lashes have gone through a life cycle you would be due for another lift.

What does maintenance look like?

Very little aftercare! Following a lash lift application wait 24 hours to get them wet, wear mascara and avoid steam. After 24 hours, you are good to go back to your normal routine.

What is the aftercare for lash lifts?


Currently a lash lift and tint is $80 and takes about an hour in salon!

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